OBJ XIII Catch Headband Bundle

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Great athletes are known for great plays, even if they don't want their careers to be defined by them. I'm no exception. This catch symbolizes all the countless hours I've spent to be the player I am today. I am grateful for this moment and the opportunities it has given me but I am solely focused on contributing to the team to win. OBJ XIII Catch Headband Bundle is the must have accessory for New York Giants game day! 

- Includes 3 bundled headbands in Red, Silver, and Blue
- Red headband includes OBJ, XIII, and Catch logo designs  
- One Size Fits Most - 5/8" wide with stretch length up to 15"
- Need it a bit tighter, untie the end and tie up tighter for a more snug fit
- Gentle elastic won't snag or damage hair


*Products are official Odell Beckham Jr designs and are not affiliated with the NFL or New York Giants. 


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